Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Logo Sweetness

intuition logoWe finalized our logo tonight! I think we're all really happy with it. Man, I just love working on a team. It seemed like we all put our heads together and had some great input and thoughts about making things work. We wanted bright colors and Greg had this pretty sweet green, but unfortunately it didn't read very well on white when it got really small. So we settled on blue since it seemed to read well on both black and white. Seemingly by coincidence we ended up with something that, when converted to print colors, is pure Cyan! (well, 60% Cyan) So that means it will still print fairly well. Greg totally rocks by the way - he came up with the idea for the circles. I thought it was awesome that there really isn't any meaning to them at all. I'm sure a lot of people will attach meaning to it after the fact, which should be interesting. :) I was experimenting with sans-serif fonts and found Myriad Pro Light. In the end, we compromised with Myriad Black. The whole thing really just seems to fit. w00t!

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Chris Malven said...

Hi! I don't know who maintains this blog, but I'm a friend of Josh and I work as a web/print graphic designer in Des Moines. I like your new logo! Thanks for posting your process, too. I wholeheartedly agree with your previous statement regarding "sharing" in any development process. It was great to see all of the directions your logo could have taken, and it increased my confidence in the direction of the final design. Very good work to all of you, keep it up.