Thursday, July 12, 2007

Professor Porpoise: Adjunct Faculty Advisor to the Apocalypse

It has been over two months since we all decided to get together and start something up and we still haven't worked on any actual games, until now. I don't think any of us envisioned the process of actually starting taking so long, but it has, and it seems to be a necessary evil of looking for funding our development. While nothing has been approved for sponsorship, we have decided to just go ahead and make a game already, something simple, fun and humorous. The idea is to build our brand and portfolio while still searching for a place to lie our creative heads at night.

Enter... "Professor Porpoise: Adjunct Faculty Advisor to the Apocalypse"

He's the smartest dolphin (Porpoise is just his Christian name) in all of the seas. Since retired from the rigorous research of university life, he now looks after a small school of gifted younglings who call him Papa 'Poise. But he has a secret, as a babe he was branded as part of a holy order, and now he must take action in his role as one quarter of the Four Horsemen. The Professor suits up with super-cop spear helmets and magick horn blades, cutting class to take care of business, fire & brimstone style!

We're currently using Mike's Melba Toast engine to make a simple prototype that we will hopefully have within a week or two. The logo above is something I whipped up this evening, and while I'm not thrilled with it, I think it gets our concept across well enough. We'll post more images, concept work, demos, and assets as they get pumped out, but for now I think we're all pumped to make something fun.

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