Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dinowaurs the First of Six Games for Kongregate's Premium Developer Program

Finally the day has come! Kongregate announced our game Dinowaurs among the first set of games for their Premium Developer Program. So far, we've been mentioned on Gamasutra, TechCrunch, next-gen.biz, and Gamezebo, and interviewed by IGN. It has been an amazing experience so far. As I've alluded to before when I talked about Indie Bootstrapping Opportunities, we think Kongregate offers a really good deal for indie developers looking for funding so they can bootstrap a game company.

After three or so months of holding it in, we can finally unleash the flood gates of development sharing upon the public. So stay tuned for frequent updates on the development of Dinowaurs.

Below is a snippet of a press release we sent out. Mike's quote is my favorite part. :)

Dinowaurs is a multiplayer strategic combat game where two innocent dinosaurs, armed to the teeth with bombastic weaponry, are forced to partake in a kill-or-be-killed fight to the death, where only one will survive. Because the dinosaurs are only focused on food, like cows grazing in a pasture, they are oblivious to the surrounding battle and are inadvertently causing their own extinction.

"We've always loved dinosaurs ever since we were kids," said Josh Larson, Intuition's Chairman of Markerboard Doodling. "We are excited by the idea that we could express that love through video games, one of our generation's most popular art forms." Mike Boxleiter, Vice Chair of the Wheat Advisory Committee for Intuition added, "As children, our knowledge of dinosaurs was limited to our imaginations. But as we grew older and learned the stories of our parents' youth, we were able to gain deep insight through their first-hand accounts of the terrible lizards that roamed the land in those days. Now, we've finally been able to pass those on."

Intuition Games formed around the idea of the game, when in May 2007, Ted Martens and Greg Wohlwend had an idea for a dark and humorous cartoon dinosaur fighting game. The dinosaurs were actually unaware of the fact that they were fighting since they only cared about food. Josh and Mike had been brainstorming game ideas on an internet forum and met with friends Ted and Greg to hear about the idea. The group hit it off and developed the Dinowaurs idea into a multiplayer combat game with a unique strategy element of villages that produced the weapons for the dinosaurs.

“Dinowaurs is a fantastic concept that plays off the incongruity of innocence in a dark and violent setting,” said Chris Pasley, Director of Games at Kongregate. “We’re really excited to be working with Intuition to develop this as one of our first premium games.”


axcho said...

Congratulations! I like the concept, and I think all the games that have been chosen for Kongregate's Premium Developer Program sound really innovative and fun, and I'll be looking forward to playing them. And hopefully someday I will make a cool game like that too. :)

torncanvas said...

Thanks for your support! It's an awesome opportunity, and we hope everyone loves the game.

Just keep at it, man, never lose hope. Game development takes determination. You can do it! :)