Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GDC 2008 Day one: Podcast teaser and other hijinks

Hey reader, we're broadcasting deep within the bowels of the bay area. We made another podcast last night, hopefully we'll have time to edit it and maybe make another one. There's so much to talk about with the IGS, we tried to hold it in as best we could until we could talk about it "fresh" on the podcast. So in lieu of an edited podcast we give you this gem. Man, ever since I learned how to spell that, it's been open season on "lieu." It has surpassed "purview" and "ilk," at least in written form.


On the night of day 0, I decided to search out a mysterious beep that seemed to emanate from Ted's bag. Apparently Josh captured my safari on camera.

Turns out it wasn't the bag, or even in the room, but outside somewhere. Next day, we posed for our book-nook picture at IGS.

Later... lunch. Where we learned a crafty new way to make a cube out of 6 business cards unbeknownst to us that it would destroy them.

Then sushi and talk with Tyler Streeter, our mutual friend from the VRAC. He does research on A.I. specific to the human brain. He's the one in the 2nd picture on the left, blurried. He's brilliant. And married... sorry ladies!

Oh yea, bonus picture. We found a guy with a ghillie suit laptop mod/cover thing. Anyway... pretty cool. Hope you liked the podcast. We really tried to cut it down to a reasonable length, and well try to get out a real one soon.

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IDEAndyDV said...

Fantastic Podcast. Illuminating introductions, really. Right when I thought someone was going to say something...BAM! You hit me with the exact opposite. You really turned my expectations on their ears and I think that's what a lot of these mainstream, content-rich podcasts are lacking.

Keep up the great non-work!