Saturday, February 9, 2008

In Search of the Oracle: Indie Developer Productivity Snacks and Calisthenics

Mike's parents were kind enough to bring us some developer rations on Thursday. None of us really eat very healthy in the office, except for Josh, who is all into flax seed. So here are our favorite bits of sustanence.

Daddy Ray's Fig Bars. This is one of Josh's staples, the rest of us still don't know where he gets them, but we think they're delicious.

2 lb. box of Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish - Whole grain if you can find it. This is a classic, and therefore manditory.

Sam's Choice Mountain Trail Mix - recovered deep within the belly of the beast, these precious nuts, chocolates and raisins are tainted with corporate shame, but are oh so fortifying.

Gatorade lime Rain, 64 oz. - Possibly the finest drink to ever grace the Earth. I'm really the only one who drinks it. But we use the old bottles for water bottles now.

Red curry rice and beans. I've got a recipe on my site, it's cheap and easy and can stretch a long ways over a large amount of rice. We have some form of it once or twice a week here at the office.

Oh yea, Nerf hoops are the new pilates...

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