Monday, March 10, 2008

"Wild & Free: A True Story" or how we forgot about Professor Porpoise: Adjunct Faculty Advisor to the Apocalypse and learned to love the boto

Mike and I have been chipping away at a little weekend side project of ours for a month or so. He's got a prototype up and running, and while the swimming mechanic is similar to PP:AFAA, we've added some cool new stuff that I think will be pretty compelling gameplay wise. Basically it's a very simple deathworm-like, where you command the likes of a studious Boto (amazon river dolphin) and fight the evil river-polluting humans on their way to refineries and such. With the aid of schools of flesh-starved pirahnas, you summon the power of the riverbed to take on impossible odds.

I've mainly been working on the logo, (this is actually a school project, so the logo was our first assignment) but have started in on the rough art style to help me finish the logo. It's pretty close to done, hopefully we'll have an alpha posted up here pretty soon.

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