Friday, June 1, 2007

Creating a Pitch Is Hard

So we're creating a pitch to submit to Adult Swim. Before you get too confused, it's for a video game, not a show. The pitch has to be 2 pages, which seems like plenty. However, for describing something as complicated as a game, it's surpisingly difficult. We've found the trick is to just glaze over everything. It sounds simple I know, but if you're excited about an idea and want to share that with someone else, your first instinct is to describe all the exciting details. Instead, you've got to try to be short and sweet.

Well, there's a fine line between short & concise and short & confusing. Not only that, it's a pitch, which means it needs to sell. How to do you explain a game mechanic in a concise way and make it sound exciting? I don't really think you can. With our pitch, we've settled for starting out with a more humorous tone, then transitioning into a clear explanation of the game. Every once in a while, some witty phrases are sprinkled in. Will it work? We'll find out in about a week.

Does anyone have any pitch experience or advice?

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