Saturday, June 2, 2007

Looking Back On the Last 2 Weeks

I was talking with Greg and reflecting on what we've been up to lately. Intuition really started about 2 weeks ago when Greg, Mike, Ted and I got together at ISU to talk about the possibility of making a game. I realized that in the next couple days, we'll have done the following in just over 2 weeks:

  • Created a Flash-based website with a dynamic XML back end
  • Created a slick company identity
  • Created a preliminary design for a fun dinosaur fighting game with a great style and sense of humor
  • Created a good pitch document (we think) and sent it to Adult Swim of all places!
  • Created good concept art for the dino game
  • Created a simple game mechanic prototype for the dino game
Wow. That progress just amazes me. I wonder what we could accomplish in the next 8 months...

1 comment:

Greg said...

woot! tomorrow... the world!

Yea I couldn't be happier with our team, everyone is dedicated, talented and enthusiastic. It's really remarkable, we just need to keep the dream alive, no matter what happens.