Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"It's like sending your only child off to college"

Not that I've ever had to do that, but I imagine the experience would be very similar to today's Super Secret Special Shipment. That's right! Today we shipped out something so special and top secret that we can only refer to it by its Christian name: Levi. He's making his way due south to Williams Street, not for a sampling of Georgia's great golf courses, or Atlanta's rich history, but for his future; heck! for our future.

Ted and I spent most of the morning packing little Levi's things, taking pictures desperately trying to capture his final hours in Ames where he was born. Oh heavens, the memories! I remember when Ted (Levi's father) brought him into work to show him off to everyone, we all cooed with delight. Ted looked so proud. I know it's probably hardest on him, letting him go, off to explore the world on his own, but I remember hearing a song once about letting birds free if you truly love them and I take comfort in that, I think I'll record that on tape for Ted.

Little Levi (I keep calling him that, he's big now... he's big) has always been an inspiration to us. His leaving brings up so many moments, laughter, and even sadness. The annual swap-'n'-save we had at work a week or so ago. He brought me a beautiful pink sweatshirt (seen in my bio picture on our site) that was so festive and warm that I don't think I took it off for at least 5 days. It wasn't until just yesterday that I found out Levi had knit me that sweater from the wool of his first lamb in honor of our friendship.

That young Dinamo, he's persevered through a great deal and God bless Ted for all his love and grace in raising such a fine specimen. He won't be in Atlanta until 10:30AM tomorrow, but when he does get there, his driver has promised to email us with confirmation that he's arrived safe at William St. Godspeed to our little guy, and to all you readers down there in Atlanta, keep a lookout for our special one, he's probably a little sun burnt and needs your helping hand.

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torncanvas said...

Awwww, I wish I could have seen Levi just before he left. May he make it to Atlanta safely.