Friday, June 8, 2007

Website Updates, USPS Bullshit, though not in that order

He kids, thanks for tuning in. I just got done biking around Ames, which is pretty much all I have to do on a Friday night, and decided to update you guys on the current situation. I know you're all as anxious to hear how our pitch is going over with the Adult Swim guys as we are and I just wanna let you know that USPS is totally worthless, consider this my formal declaration of independence from that government run shit-house. We sent the package on 2 day mail Monday and still have not received notification of delivery. Ted is progressing nicely with the sculpey-dino and we are definitely NOT using USPS. Though I don't really believe the $352.88 Sonic-Air option is necessary per-se, I do know we'll be taking our business far, far away from the government lackeys.
In other news, the website is totally, and I may alienate some of our readers by saying this but I must, pimp. If you haven't checked it out in a while I suggest you stop by and see what's up, its more than just growing grass and 'shrooms now as I've gotten around to implementing some neat pop-up stuff and thumbnails with Greg's help on the visual aspect. We still maintain the data-driven model, so if anyone else ever gets the gumption to mess with the layout, as Greg and Josh has already done a bit on the team page, they may do it with a limited amount of XML experience and without needing to stomach the horror of reading any of my "codes". In reality I am disgusted with the actual "codes" controlling the website, as it's just a mash-up of various pieces of functionality, each one tacked onto the previous iteration. To put it simply, it is the embodiment of feature-creep despite its development time being limited to about two and a half weeks.
At the very least I recommend you check out the back page for our new thumbnail implementation, it was fun to create and we are featuring a brand new artist who joined the team despite him already being the main programmer. I drew some concept art of what I considered to be the best day ever and it just so happened to involve dinosaurs fighting with high powered weaponry while villagers streamed about them in some fanciful representation of worship. Almost like some kind of war... Maybe a Dinowaur?

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torncanvas said...

Yes, your concept art is totally sweet. Actually, I'm the one who moved stuff around and Greg helped with the larger thumbnails. So we both messed with things. :P It was very gumption-y. Data-driven is win.

Don't worry guys, I believe that the Lisa Frank Genie will pull through and get our package delivered!