Saturday, July 14, 2007

PP: AFAA Progress Update 1

The official work has begun on PP: AFAA! This project is so important to Intuition, that we've decided to use our secret weapon, a creative think-tank known as Team Yesss (that's yes with three s's). Team Yesss was able to choose a preliminary color scheme, get the professor made based on Ted's design, and get him into Melba Toast swimming around. Great work guys! Some excellent concept art has been sketched up for the boats, too. That should be posted soon. [Update: Greg has a post with the concept art] The next steps are putting in gravity, damping for swimming, buoyancy (a first for a Flash game as far as we can tell), and boats and humans for content. Intuition is confident that Team Yesss can pull this off with no problem. Here's a screenshot of Professor Porpoise in action, enjoying a swim before he partakes in his duties of bringing on the apocalypse.

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