Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Professor preys on boats

Recently we nicknamed Prof. Porpoise, "The Professor" due to his extreme agility on the court as well as his radical dissertation on The Crossover: An Application of Metafluid Dynamics and Quantum Mechanics Subsystems to Underwater Basketballs. The Professor isn't all sneakers and snow globes. When he's not drainin' half-court PS-triples he's sinking sea-faring vessels in the name of the Almighty's Reckoning.

So I drew a few of those ships that he'll be snacking on. I'm going to illustrate them fairly soon based on these drawings. Right now we're just gathering ideas on the different types of boats and which would be funnier and more effective. For now this is a pretty good smattering of boats, ranging from early level rafts, to millionaire customized yachts. When I draw I use a ballpoint pen, preferably a Bic Cristal but normally it's just whatever is lying around. If enough people want tips, I'll post something about the technique in greater detail later on.

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