Tuesday, June 5, 2007

And the Lisa Frank Genie Says: "Outlook Good"

The pitch has been submitted! Yessss. Working together on everything has been a blast. At one point, we were discussing how to present the pitch materials. We got to talking about how great it would be to put the materials in a cheesy grade school folder with dinosaurs on it. Greg and I agreed that a Lisa Frank dinosaur folder would be the coolest ever. We went through the internets (and the local school supply stores) in search of such a folder. Unfortunately, such things don't seem to exist. However, while browsing the Lisa Frank website, we discovered there was a games section. Naturally, we went to check it out. The first thing we found was a game called Ask Genie. It's essentially a magic 8-ball in the form of the typical obnoxious Lisa Frank colors and graphics that we were familiar with, but with an updated Bratz-inspired girl genie. Greg asked her "will we get monies?" (Now, it's not all about the money, but hey, we gotta pay the bills just like anyone else.) The response was "Outlook Good." Yes! We high fived and concluded that the matter was settled. Something good is going to happen.

Even though we couldn't find any Lisa Frank dinos, Greg's girlfriend Kym made us an image out of her love for dinosaurs (and Greg, presumably). It was so good, we wanted to use it for a folder, but concluded that the craft of a hand-made folder wouldn't hold up to our standards. So instead, all of you can be blessed with its awesomeness above.

What did we end up doing for presenting the pitch materials? Well, Ted found some folders he had saved from the time of Disney's Dinosaur. Thankfully, he recognized the value of them and had them stored away in a safe location. We unanimously concluded that the folder that said "Extinct This" with a picture of a Carnotaur screaming would be the one used for holding the pitch materials. So the pitch materials were added, stickers were put on the folder and packaging, and the package was sent to Adult Swim.

So far, the genie's prediction has been accurate. Nothing has seemed to go wrong with anything, yet. Our pitch isn't perfect, but everything is there and we feel it's of high quality. Hopefully our hard work will pay off.

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